Story of Eye Hospital

Lions Club of Karimnagar Charitable Eye Hospital was established in the year 20 th February 1988, it was inaugurated by the then Human Resources Development Minister Sri PV Narsimha Rao..

Dr Bhaskar Madhekar a physician of Karimnagar after seeing the need for a cataract problem in rural people, approached the government, they were sympathetic towards this cause and sold the government land of 3 acres with a minimum cost of ₹ 500 per acre in the year 1978. Then we approached philanthropists, and the government for money and slowly constructed the building with minimum facilities with one doctor and 5 paramedical staff after the completion of 2500 surgeries we approached the LCIF for the upgradation of the hospital, LCIF 5+ grants for the upgradation of the hospital and given one Bus for the transportation of the patients. slowly many philanthropists and the government started helping after seeing the work, RCSB, Helpage India and some Clubs in the USA also helped and also started a satellite hospital. Now our hospital is 100 bedded hospital having 8 OT tables, 3Phaco machines, 5 operating microscopes, 10 slit lamps, 3 AR machines, NCT, IOL master 700, OCT, HFA, Laser, Green laser and many types of equipment for investigations and treatment purpose. 6 doctors and 58 paramedical staff are working. Weekly we conduct 4 to 5 outreach camps. So far we have saw 7, 42,442 patients in opd, performed 90,636 surgeries free of cost, and 71,045 surgeries on a payment basis and conducted 8735 outreach camps. For cataract surgeries DBCS is funding. Other than cataract surgeries we have started Retina, Glaucoma and squint departments planning for the Lasik machine. Surgaties % is 45% free and 55% paying some months it may reverse. Earlier for surgeries Sight First was funded now NPCB is helping through DBCS(District Blindness Control Society ). After expiring of the founder Dr Bhaskar Madhekar we have added his name to our hospital, now our hospital name is " Lions Club of Karimnagar Dr Bhaskar Madhekar Charitable Eye Hospital " keeping in view of his selfless service.

Today Dt:-21-08-2023 Monday Schools Eye Checkup camp at Govt. High School Subhashnagar.
  • Total no of Students checked- 56
  • Total no of Students found vision erroer -02
  • And at Govt. Primary School Subhashnagar
  • Total no of Students checked-89.
  • Total no of Students found vision erroer-02.
  • Today's total check up in two Schools-145- found vision erroer-04
As of 30th June 2023
  • We have seen 7, 42,442 in old
  • 90,636 done free surgeries
  • 71,045 done paying surgeries
  • Conducted 8735 outreach camps