Success Stories

Silam Vijay
4 years of age, Resident of Narayanarao Palli Village, became blind since two years of age. He could not afford any treatment, parents being too poor. He was brought to our Hospital and was restored vision after Cateract Surgery.

Age 14 years daughter of Yellaiah of Julapalli Village. Became blind at the age of 12 years. Was neglected by her parents and was socially ostracized for no one was willing to marry a blind girl. Extremely depressed she came to the hospital and underwent Surgery. She went back to the village happily wish the vision restored. She got married two months after Surgery.

Pakala Rani
Age 16 years. She had bilateral Corneal Opacity and was operated for the Right Eye at LV Prasad eye Insitute, Hyderabad two years ago. On receipt of donor Eyes sponsored by Lions of Peddapalli Club, she was operated successfully. Keratoplastry was done for the left eye and Vision restored. The cosmetic effect is very pleasing.

Bossa Sharada
Age 7 years daughter of Bhoomaiah of Elbaka Village. She became blind three years ago and was unable to look after herself. Her father being a rural medical practitioner tried various treatment but without relief. She was brought to the hospital and was operated successfully. She is now a grown up child quite confident of herself.


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